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Sunday, July 20 2008

Today, I have decided to Upgrade My Ride. Presently, It is flat out boring. No One Looks, No one Stares, not even my better half, not my pets nor my 2 year old kiddo. Instead of looking at my car, my kids compliments our neighbors ride, and our family dog Chester barks when our neighbors car is cruising in front of our house. My Car is Wack and my neighbor's is totally pimped out

Life is too short to procrastinate. I have decided to Pimp my Ride. My Bling Bling List includes, Chrome Door Handles, Custom Chrome Wheels, Chrome Mirror Covers, Window Sills, Chrome Pillar Post, Chrome Fender Vents. I am also feeling the Dubstyle Emblem and badges, Altezza LED Taillights and perhaps some Underground Neon Light. For Me, i just wanna showoff. Hopefully, if i got it and i build it, they will LOOK

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